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Effective, Empowering Therapy

Most people find that they cope easily with counselling, although their thoughts and feelings may be painful the act of taking steps towards solutions makes things do-able, releases negativity and finds new ways of thinking.
Therapeutic conversations are different from the tea-and-sympathy conversations you might have with a friend; but they are sustaining, positive and forward looking. Whilst looking to change thoughts, ideas and feelings from past or recent events, the here-and-now is always in focus, looking forward to positive change and 'life-proofing' your relationships. Counselling isn't just venting your feelings, it's about resolving conflict, understanding the differences between you and others, changing how you think and most particularly how you act.
Actions speak louder than words, and we are known for our deeds. Thinking about how much you love your partner is not a substitute for telling them so. Learning to speak openly, honestly and from the heart is a skill for all relationships.

I work with individuals, couples and families (children 16+).

LGBTQI++ affirmative and disability positive.

Some of the things I work with (not a complete list)
- anxiety
- betrayal
- emotional exhaustion/low mood
- bereavement/loss/grief
- relationship conflicts with family or friends
- depression
- strong emotional reactivity
- childhood abuse, physical or emotional
- childhood sexual abuse
- adult sexual abuse
- adult emotional control/abuse
- confusion around life purpose/identity
- lack of confidence
- sexual issues
- effects of addictions on relationships
- sexual identity
- feelings after redundancy
- feelings around workplace bullying
- feeling neglected or isolated

Are you ready for change now?
Give me a call on 0776 997 6626

Being connected to others seems very simple, we all do it everyday, don't we? At work, in our families, with friends, we all 'do' relationships. In fact, it is one of the hardest things we ever do, and very few people have any family or school input on how to have a good relationship.

Just being in a relationship isn't enough to create joy in life, relationships are not static or fixed in time, for a relationship to be healthy then it needs time, effort and commitment to review, enhance and improve.

In the initial session of history taking some people may find that they use the session to 'blurt' everything they are feeling, some people are more reserved, both or nether are ok, we are all unique individuals and I will listen attentively and constructively. From the midpoint of that session, we decide together which are the important or urgent issues to address, and begin to work specifically on those. I create a conversation to invite you to search for your own meaning and take action to make your own changes, and together we look into the 'story' your tell about yourself - 'No-one will ever love me', etc; and seek different empowerments, explanations and understandings to make life joyful again.
Lasting change is possible, I'll walk with you till you get there.

Who is Counselling for?. Feel Less Stressed 2019

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