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Couples Counselling

Being in relationship with another seems very simple, we all do it everyday, right? We relate to our colleagues, neighbours, family and friends.
When we are in a romantic relationship, it can hard to feel joyfully loving all the time. Pressures from the world (work, family) can build up and the relationship can start to feel like a chore. It doesn't have to be that way.

Couples counselling works to improve understanding of our partner in the here and now, and find a better way forward for both individuals in the couple When couples need to make sense of the past to be able to go forward then the work tends to be a little deeper to make sure that they achieve their goals and leave the past behind.

Many couples also use counselling to agree how to part ways and maybe how to work collaboratively to raise their children.
Couples counselling isn't mediation though, mediation is a term for a part of the legal process of separation and divorce; mediators help you sort out the finances, property, and access to children.

I have twenty years experience as a counsellor and therapeutic practitioner. I work with individuals on all issues and I am a Relate qualified Couples Counsellor I work relationally, that is, I work with the connections between people and life events.

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Couples counselling can help with:

Life stage changes are often involved in relationship conflict, learning to juggle commitments and still find connection can re-connect and future-proof the couple. Stages that couples counselling can help with:

> Forming relationships
> Moving in together
> Committed Partnership or Marriage
> Babies and children/stepchildren
> Changes to work or health
>Change of role in the family
> Empty nest
>Ageing and retirement

Domestic Violence and Abuse

A proportion of couples attending counselling have previous episodes of abuse and/or violence in their relationship. When violence and abuse is active in the relationship at the moment then couples work often isn't suitable. I don't commit to offering counselling to couples in this instance until I have made a thorough assessment of what is happening; I may however offer individual help to both partners or refer you to a specialist agency.
I also don't commit to work with couples where there is active involvement from the Police or Social Services or there are legal processes.

If you are in immediate need of help, please call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247.
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