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Regular musings on the world of feelings, looking after ourselves, and improving our joy levels.

7/3/2019 It's raining again!

We had a taste of spring last week, with rather more summer-y temperatures over 20 degrees Centigrade.
This week we are back to water, water and more water, and 6 degrees Centigrade if we're lucky.
Look at the light though.... only two weeks until the Spring Equinox and three until the clocks leap forward, and already it is still light at 6pm.
Snowdrops have nodded their whiteness and returned to the green; crocus are everywhere, daffodils are shining bright like sunshine.
Here and there, early cherry blossom has been seen as the early warmth teased the buds open.
So what to do if this early Spring fever hasn't cheered you up yet? Or you are stuck in bed with the 'flu?
If you are up and about, wrap up warmly and take yourself out into the daylight; light in the eyes is essential for wellbeing, sunlight on the skin promotes the production of Vitamin D, the cheerful vitamin. When walking around, try to visit a green space, the local park will do, you don't have to travel miles. Green space is refreshing as green is the colour of life, wherever there is greenery there is flourishing.
If you are in the city and there is only the odd flowerbed or pavement tree, try looking up, up, up. Watch out for traffic, lampposts, potholes and other people though! Look up at the architecture, there may be modern shops, higher up you may find the original Victorian architecture, or even older. The Victorians beautified everything, look for embellished chimneys, friezes, plaques, ornamental ledges (probably with pigeons on!), the date of the building, perhaps the initials of the owners. In a modern part of the city, look at the angles of the buildings, the type of glass, plain or coloured, the textures of materials used, wood, stone, metal, glass, brick.
"So what's going on Su, are you sponsored by the Tourist Board?" - no - there is some science here, elevating the eyes changes 'state' or mood, lifting up the eyes can literally lift up the spirits, change that 'downcast' feeling. You also get something new to focus on, maybe some learning about your district, and the sense of meeting a challenge to do something differently.
If you are stuck in bed with 'flu - poor you - try doing this on google maps as a way to pass the time when you don't feel up to much more, maybe resolve to visit the buildings you see when you feel better. Remember to use antibac gel on your hands first so you don't 'store' some 'flu on your laptop!
Just a few more weeks to more daylight, hang on in there everyone.

2/1/2019 Happy New Year!

The calendar rolled around again, the fireworks were lit, toasts given, and the calendar and diary industry made some sales.
Some of us will be feeling energised and full of 'resolution', those people won't read this blog; some of us will feel let down by festivities that failed to cheer us up, and already on the back foot, hurtling towards 'failing' again as we try to meet others' expectations and meet our commitments.

Kindness is key. Be kind to yourself and to others. It is winter, the days are more grey than blue, the weather is cold. We all need hot soup, warm blankets, hugs and laughter. What do you need today? What small action can you take to promote self -care? What can you do for others?

Self help for the January blues: see friends, get out in the fresh air and light whenever you can, take some exercise - dancing around the room to your favourite tunes is still exercise.

Find your joy : a sunbeam peeking through a rainy sky, the comfort of a warm bread roll, the trill of a bird singing, the rippling warmth of a child laughing; any small thing you notice today which makes a deposit in your happiness bank account is worthwhile. What have you noticed today?
Cultivating an 'attitude of gratitude' to uplift the heart and mind might sound a little new-agey, however, it works!!

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