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Concerns I work with. hands and heart

Concerns I work with and life stage experiences

Some of the types of emotional distress I work with (not an exhaustive list)
affairs and betrayals
low self confidence
emotional abuse
family issues
self esteem
cycles of arguments

Life stages:
where am I going in life
forming relationships
having children
getting married
considering separation and divorce
ageing and retirement
We have many identities through life: partner/spouse, parent, child, sibling, worker, friend, cousin - the list goes on.
All and any of the stresses we encounter can lead to issues in our own mind and heart and outwards with our significant others.
And 'life happens'.
Compassionately connecting to understanding leads to change.

Concerns I work with. Optimism

When should I/We start counselling?

When you recognise emotional pain that doesn't go away.
Most adults are really good at soldiering on, thinking that things will get better, if only it was summer, or just get Christmas out of the way and stress will ease. These may be true. If your happiness in life doesn't change in the timescale you decided it might, then working with a relational counsellor can prevent things getting worse.
Taking the time to work through difficulties and restore joy and harmony to the relationship, or find amicable ways to part company (especially important if children are involved) is a worthwhile use of your time in pursuit of recovery, brighter days.

I am a trauma-informed counsellor and have substantial training and experience in working with trauma responses to both childhood and adult events.

I work with individuals, couples and families, everyone needs to be over the age of 16.
I accept people of all identities and orientations, all races and all faiths.
My office is on the second floor, there is a lift and there is a disabled toilet; however I can only see people who can be ambulant in a fire, the building does not provide an evac chair.

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