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Availability in Wakefield

When can we meet ?
I offer a wide spread of sessions covering school times, lunch breaks and evenings.
Here is a general timetable so you can think about what works for you.
To book please call me with your diary at hand.

Face to Face and Online/Phone Appointment times .

Monday 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm. 6.30pm, 8pm.
Tuesday 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm. 6.30pm, 8pm.
Thursday 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm. 6.30pm, 8pm.

Zoom only
Wednesday: 9.30am, 11am, 6.30pm, 8pm.

I will try to offer you an initial meeting within one working week, the more flexible you can be on days/times the easier this is.
I leave gaps in my diary, usually filled with admin tasks, which I can offer to new clients who may feel that they need to crack on quickly now that they have made a decision to attend or have some kind of time sensitive need. It is important to note though that counselling is not a crisis service, you/you both need to be in a space where you can pause, consider and make reasonable use of the time; if you feel that you may not be in a space where you can make changes just yet, feel unprepared, then perhaps try a one-off support session with me first.

You can book whichever session suits you each time, I don't restrict you to the same time or day and it is not necessary to attend every week. If a particular session is important for you please consider a block booking as I can't hold sessions until they are paid for.

Couples face to face or online session: £60 for 60 minutes.
Individuals face to face or online session: £50 for 60 minutes.
6 sessions for 5 available on either option.

60 minutes sessions can be a mixture of face to face and online on different occasions if applicable.

Fees are due immediately on making a booking in order for me to hold the space for you. This can be via PayPal, I will provide you with the relevant email address, or via bank transfer, again I will provide the detail once we have agreed on the session. For the second or subsequent sessions, you can pay in advance with cash too.
I can also take payment over the phone into PayPal, this is my least favourite option as it can be hard to correctly hear and input strings of numbers. As I offer various options, and sometimes this involves clients moving money between their accounts, I'm happy to hold a booked session for 24 hours for payment to happen. After 24 hours the session will be released for others to book.
On rare occasions, a client may need to pay in cash as their account is controlled/monitored by a partner. Please talk to me about what is possible.
Cancellation: 48 hours notice is required to cancel a booking without losing the fee you have paid. I can only refund the person who made the booking.

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