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Coaching - Moving on after life events

Since Covid 19 changed our world, the world has felt very wobbly and uncertain for many of us and left us dealing with loss, grief, loneliness, job loss, a decline in emotional and mental health, social anxieties and many other effects of the strange times we have been living through.

These are some of the same feelings which are created when a relationship ends or in 'dry spells' when it seems impossible to find a significant other who is on the same wavelength or wants to commit. They are also feelings around how the world experiences us, what the world offers to us, and since the pandemic we've spent a few years waiting for the world to happen to us, perhaps getting used to having little choice.

Coaching - focussing on going to a better future

Using a more coaching based format, therapy can help you to find empowerment, a new confidence and resilience, a new sense of self and a forward trajectory can help you to get back to being you so that empty space inside you becomes a space to be filled with new things. Finding a new version of you, a you that survived the past challenges, a you with renewed hope and a you with space inside to expand yourself to meet the new challenges of the world we live in, so the world happens for us, not to us.

Finding happiness again, a sense of purpose and a hopefulness again is an 'inside job', working to inspire and change your own feelings and thoughts to feel more whole again.
Is this a little selfish or self-indulgent? Not at all. In order to feel whole in the world a whole sense of self is needed.
In relationship, we all desire to be with a whole person, someone with the same values, the same hopes for the future, someone who has enough space in their heart to cherish us, someone grown up enough to give us our own space, someone who can be alongside us.

Finding your authentic voice, becoming whole again in yourself, for yourself, allows you to shine out into the world and attract another whole person.

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